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Q:What makes an IWI Watch special?

Tim: Each IWI watch is individually hand built, finished, inspected and tested by our master watchmaker. This is not a mass market watch making business, you are buying a watch that has been built by hand with total English craftsmanship – each watch an achievement in itself designed to bear witness to or celebrate your own achievements.

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Q:How long is an IWI watch under guarantee/warranty?

Tim: Every IWI watch is guaranteed for 24 months from date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

In order to benefit from the IWI international guarantee/limited warranty, it is necessary to have the completed guarantee/warranty certificate, dated and stamped by IWI Watches.

The IWI international guarantee/limited warranty does not include:

  • Loss of water resistance more than 24 months after date of purchase; damage resulting from accidental impacts, improper or abusive use (shocks, crushing, oxidation, etc.), alterations due to exposure to strong magnetic fields or high temperatures, unauthorized repairs or manipulations, as well as the consequences of the normal wear and tear and ageing of the watch and strap
  • Replacement of the strap or bracelet
  • Theft or loss

Q:   When should I have my IWI watch serviced?

Tim: IWI recommend that you should have your IWI watch serviced every 24 months by an IWI Service Centre.

Q:   Where can I take my IWI watch to be serviced or repaired?

Tim: It is recommended that you contact IWI Watches and we will advise you where to send the watch, be it to one of our Authorised IWI Service Centres or back to the IWI Workshop.

Q:   Where can I purchase a IWI watch?

Tim: IWI watches are exclusively sold directly by IWI Watches. Products offered for sale on the internet may be counterfeit, used or of doubtful origin and are not covered by the international guarantee/limited warranty.

Q:   Is it possible to obtain a suggested retail price list?

Tim: To find out the price of a IWI watch simply write an e-mail to: info@iwiwatches.com or contact our Head Office or our Authorised Dealers around the world.

Q:   How should a IWI watch be maintained in good condition?

Tim: IWI watches are made to very high standards of quality. It is worth remembering that the mechanical parts run 24 hours a day when used, so the watch must undergo regular maintenance to ensure long life and good operation.

Q:   External cleaning

Tim: To keep your IWI watch in good condition externally, we recommend that you wash it with lukewarm, soapy water using a soft brush. After this process, as after each immersion in the sea or a swimming pool, thoroughly rinse the watch with fresh water. We recommend you clean your IWI watch with a soft, dry cloth.

Q:   Leather straps

Tim: Our straps are treated for superior resistance to humidity, nevertheless, we suggest that you limit time your strap spends in water to prolong the life of your leather strap. The straps must be washed with soap and lukewarm water and left to dry. They should not be dried on a warm surface since the rapid evaporation of water might damage their shape and quality. After each immersion in the sea or swimming pool, thoroughly rinse the strap with fresh water. To replace the strap, we recommend that you visit an IWI Authorised Service Centre or return the watch direct to the IWI workshop. In this way you will avoid the inconvenience that may be caused by improper replacement. Only Authorised IWI Service Centres and the IWI Workshop guarantee the use of authentic IWI straps, each IWI strap is specially designed to fit the dimensions of the case and produced according to our quality criteria.

Q:   The Movement

Tim: Have the movement of your watch inspected every two years by an Authorised IWI Service Centre, in order to keep it in good working order. If the watch is significantly fast or slow, it may be necessary to regulate the movement.

Q:   Water resistance

Tim: Periodically check the water resistance of your watch at an Authorised IWI Service Centre or by the IWI Workshop and have it re-sealed every two years or, each time the watch is opened. The re-sealing of the watch to maintain the water resistance requires the replacement of a unique seal in order to guarantee maximum water resistance and safety. In cases where the watch frequently comes into contact with water for diving or other sports we recommend an annual inspection.

After each re-seal, your IWI Watch is returned with a stamp on its service history booklet and the watch has a label attached to give you peace of mind that one of your proudest possessions is once again protected.

Character of an IWI Watch

Character of an IWI Watch

Each IWI Watch has its own character. After all, it is individually built, finished, inspected and tested by a master watchmaker. There is no mass production, no automation. Our customers are buying a watch that has been made by hand, meticulously tested by artisans and only after having passed all of our tests do the watches leave the workshop.


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Each IWI watch is individually hand built, finished, inspected and tested by our master watchmaker more >>