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IWI Watches is the realisation of a passion for English watches, a love of English craftsmanship, a commitment to the best of British engineering and the presentation of exceptional quality.

IWI Watches are English luxury watches of the highest quality, individually handmade from perfectly engineered parts, in house, in England. Our watches, designed and crafted with inspiration from a history of over three hundred years of English watchmaking, recognise the 17th Century horological founders who led the world with their creativity, passion for excellence and engineering brilliance.

The crown sat proudly at 12 o'clock and the classic dial show our dedication to the purity of watch design. IWI Watches celebrate beauty and precision paying equal homage to both the pocket watch and the stop watch, each used over hundreds of years to mark events in history and moments of great human achievement. This unique watch case design is unconventional and yet obvious, conveniently ambidextrous and harmoniously balanced.
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IWI Watches are individually hand made in England using the latest precision technology at every step to design and create these modern classics more >>

Pure Bespoke from IWI

IWI pure bespoke watches allow you to change dial colours, insert diamonds and other precious stones behind the sapphire crystal glass or add specific designs...
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Each IWI watch is individually hand built, finished, inspected and tested by our master watchmaker more >>